Fit The Description

George Junius Stinney- 14, Emmet Till- 14, Tamir Rice- 12, Trayvon Martin-17 and as of November 23rd 19 year old Aidan Ellison. There’s an all out war against Black and brown bodies, specifically male Black and brown bodies.“A Texas police officer who fatally shot a Black man has…”, “...forceful arrest of Black man stopped while jogging…”, “...Phoenix man shot in the back by officers…”, “...Officer kills black teenager...” “Black jogger stopped by deputies after matching suspect description…”, “emergency call about a "suspicious person" matching his description.” 

This piece is about the black and brown men I know and have relationships with that I worry about becoming one of the captions above. They’re brothers, fathers, nephews, uncles, sons and above all human. As I was collecting the video footage for this piece it saddened me even more. As I looked into the eyes of these men it made me realize how they’re perceived, as a threat, as a suspect, as a description, “other”. Fit the Description is about how all these men can easily fit the description, but are not actually the description at all.